Hi my name is Ethan i currently living in Washington State.  I am an FTM Trans man. i have been on Testosterone since 2008 and came out to my family officially on June 2008. i am getting top surgery in a month at Dr Mangubat in Tukwilla, Washington. im so excited to get one step closer to having the body i always wanted.


My name is ékiss, I’m 30 years old, from France and I’m a transgender.
I believe to be in a lifetime transition as, each year, each moment are somehow an evolution of myself.
Today I’m gettin closer than ever from who I want to be with getting a top surgery and coming out as a “He” in my social life. I hope, for the younger generation, to get more information, support and friendship via this kind of project.

CONGRATS to my buddy!

Just a shout out of congrats to my dear friend Jameson who had top surgery today!  May you you be happy, may you be at peace, and amy you be free from suffering.  I love ya bro.

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