Hi, my name is Collin. I’m an 18 year old music major in the Pacific Northwest and have a wonderful girlfriend/queer significant other. I lift weights, bind with an underworks, and occasionally pack, but no more than that. I have been out for 2 months and hope to start taking T within the next year 🙂


Ph.D. student at Warsaw University Institute of Applied Social Sciences and an activist. Currently working for Trans-Fuzja Foundation in Poland and co-chairing at Transgender Europe. Academically focused on the question of transgender subjectivity, identity and experience.
Enjoys everything that is queerly fabulous. Should lay off the coffee from time to time.


Alex. Multi-racial. Jewish. Mechanical Engineering student. Husband and father of 3 (5, 6, and 9). Music, adrenaline, and pun junkie. Sugar ant. Gym enthusiast (though I’ve been slackin’ lately). From Chicago but will shortly move to KC, MO. Car, bike, football, baseball, hockey, animal, guitar, tattoo and piercing lover. 🙂 Personal blog:


Heyo! My name’s Maxwell and I’m a seventeen year old trans boy from Portland, Oregon. After buckets upon buckets of fretting and brooding, I finally came all the way out about two months ago and could not be more stoked! Being off-the-hook femme hasn’t been a major asset in getting folks to take my identity seriously, but the people in my life who do are too lovely for words. I’m currently involved in the startup of a queer youth center and trying to devote a lot of energy toward making art, which you can keep tabs on at if you’re so inclined! Love and solidarity.

Daniel Jonah

My name is Daniel Jonah. I go by Danny or Jonah. I am a full time student, trying to get a degree in elementary education. I am engaged to a beautiful, amazing woman that I am incredibly excited to spend the rest of my life with. We have a beautiful daughter in kindergarden. I’m pre everything, just have to save up the money for hormones. I love my life. So much has changed, and I know that its not going to be easy. But nothing easy is ever worth it.


Heya! My name’s Kiran, and I think I’m  a pretty hot trans* guy…Well, genderqueer, but…trans*. Uhm. Yeah. Feels right to me, so I’m going with it.

I’m a 27 year old guy who attends college for sociology and public policy, looking to work in the glbt youth public sector when I’m done with school. I’m moving to Wellington, New Zealand next year to be with my amazing partner. I also am the editor-in-chief for an up-and-coming GLBTQ* magazine, and I contribute to some trans* blogs here on tumblr. I like to work out, hang out with friends, talk to my lovely lady, and work on my ‘zine in my spare time.

Personal URL:

Jaye West

Thirty-Four Year old, Pansexual Master of Science-Nursing student in St. Louis, Mo.  I love music, philosophy, and world religions.  Has several shortcomings but currently working to become a better person everyday.  I wish to move out of the St. Louis Area upon completely Grad School.  The West Coast has called my name since adolescence, and the Bible belt (well Um it’s the Bible belt, need I say more?) can not keep me.
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” ~Plato


My name is Traeshaun and I’m pre-op and have been on hormones for 17 months. I am a US Navy veteran and now I’m working toward my AS in Small Business Management at San Diego City College. I hope that with this degree I will be able to give back to our community in ways I cannot put into words. Through this transition I have learned a lot about myself and because of that my spare time consist of things to better myself as a man such as reading/writing, eliminating old habits and obtaining good ones.

Rah’Sheid Sabrie Odd

Hi my name is Rah’Sheid Sabrie Odd. I am 27 years old and I reside in Philadelphia PA. I currently attend community college of Philadelphia and my major is criminal justice. I love doing visual art and barber on my free time. I started my transition about two year’s ago and I am extremely Happy with my results.


Mike is a 42 year old husband, parent, activist, blogger, speaker, & college student. Mike transitioned in 1998, and lived “stealth” until two years ago, and is now out and very active in raising awareness not only for the trans community, but he is also passionate about feminism and equality in general! He is a Junior at Winona State University in Minnesota, majoring in Sociology & Women & Gender Studies. He does panels & presentations anywhere open to learning more about what it is to be trans. His wife of 9 years, and their children also participate in family panels. Michael recently founded a chapter of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism on campus, and is working hard to educate other men about gender equality, as well as educating society about transgender issues. In his spare time, Mike enjoys reading, being outdoors, & riding his Harley. He is also working on a book, and hopes to complete it by this summer.

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