I’m Brandon, I’m 18 and from New York. I’ve been on T for about 8 months and i’m looking to get top surgery but not bottom at this point. I’d say i’m pretty outgoing, weird, talkative yet I’m sensitive and good with advice. At this point i’m trying to get back into writing music while I do a bit of volunteer work at the pound. I pretty much like anyone, especially if they feed me. So i’m gonna say i’m pansexual. You can find me on my tumblr account here.


My name is Jason Robert Ballard and I am a Transman from Rochester, NY. I’ve been on testosterone for 3 years and I’m post-top half for a little over 1. I got my surgery done with Kevin McGuire of Cooperstown, NY. I run a Trans* company called The Self Made Men with my girlfriend and two best friends. I’m in the arts field, though I’ve turned to the dark side as they say and started doing primarily graphic design. I’m into brand identity and public relations, that kind of thing. I’d say transitioning was the most magical thing I’ve done for myself. In a world where you can literally change anything about yourself, from your hair color and eye color to the size and shape of body parts… Transgender people have taken an element of society that is, for the general publics sake, binary… And gone passed that for their own happiness. I’ve been called elitist on many accounts, and I’m not really ashamed to say that I feel MORE than just a man now.

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