gabe My name is Gabriel, Gabe for short. I’m 24, pre-op and T. I’ve known I was trans for awhile now it’s just taken sometime to come to terms with it. I’m an artist and a musician in my own right. I’m a huge nerd. Studying to be a paleontologist. I love classic literature, si-fi, and gaming.



Jack is a 29 year old musician from the Uk.he is starting a new project soon mixing EDM music with Rock / Metal. He is a very talented vocalist and lead singer and guitarist in a metal band collaborating with some of the best musicians on the globe. For further I for or to contact him please check out.


Richie. Officially Richard as of March 7th when I have my court hearing to get my name change. I’m 21, musician, born in California, currently residing in Arizona, and will be moving to Canada in two months once I graduate. I have a tumblr where I document my transition and my daily life, which is FUCKING AMAZING:

I’m always looking to make new friends and I’m always interested in hearing about other guys’ transition so follow me and I will follow you right back.


I’m Marc from south western NY. Just turned 45 but feel 25 most of the time. I have two grown beautiful daughters and 6 grand children. I work as a home health care aid and have CNA license. I take care of people who are at the end stages of life. I love being a part of such a meaningful time of a persons life.
I love spending time with my family. I am a musician, artist, cook and stand up comic (around my family) I love all types of animals. Honesty and kindness are the quickest way to become my friend.

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