My name is Cadence, I’m a 19 year old pre-everything Gay (or as I like it fagtasticly amazing) ftm (obviously, or I wouldn’t be here.) I’m a fully time college student from Iowa, who is transferring to Arizona. I like to read, write, paint, and enjoy most of my time with my boyfriend. I look very young, I know this. I see it as a complement when people think I am as young as 11. I am fully trained in youth suicide prevention, and hope to become a crisis councilor for young trans guys.


Garrett is a 20-something professional working in higher education. He enjoys running, writing, and eating all sorts of meat. He particularly enjoys beef. Shoes are his guilty pleasure. Sometimes referred to as the gayest gay that ever gayed, Garrett spends his free time bathing in glitter and looking up pictures of Madonna on the internet. Garrett currently resides in Missouri.


I’m Dallas Ian.  I am a gay FTM.  I’ve always related more to the male gender and my parents and immediate family have always been accepting.  When I ‘came out’ as transgender, they continued to love and support me.  Among some of the things I enjoy are world travel, photography, painting and writing.  I continue to go through life clearing a path to walk, making my own map.

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