Hello I am Tyrone, I am a 32 year old Trans man from Hamilton, New Zealand, I like reading, writing short stories and Star Trek.  I also have a rare syndrome called PHACES Syndrome, I am the oldest surviving that we know of, I am the father of a crazy furchild.  I love Cars and music and computers and one day, wish to own a Motor home.

You can learn more about me here at http://myphacesandftmjourney.blogspot.co.nz/


My name is Jessen, I am a 26 year old trans man. I currently reside in Akron, Ohio and work full time as a security officer. I’m about to hit my 7th month on testosterone. My hobbies include working out 5-6 days a week, gaming it up, cars, and learning something new everyday. It takes courage and strength to be yourself……..but if your confident, people will admire your courage. We are all one!

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