Aye, my name is Drew c: I realized I was trans around a year ago, all in all it changed me for the better. I love to write poetry, and if its possible I want to make a career out of that at some point. Right now I only bind, but I really want to start on hormones as soon as I can. Im a long shot away from where I want to be with my transition, but im young, so ill just have to be patient and wait for that part of my life to progress.


Hi I’m Daeron, and I’m from New Zealand. I’m not hugely sociable but do enjoy getting out there to meet other trans guys. I’m a hopeless gym goer, but lift my own weights everyday. I’m a rather big book nut, reading mostly fantasy. When my creative side wants to be set free I paint my models; and when the urge to destroy anything comes upon me I play those models in Warhammer 40k battles. I also love music, history and fantasy art.

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