hunI am Hun, 23, from Hong Kong and self identify as transgender. I am pre-op and do not have plans to have surgery in the next few years. A poet, filmmaker and athlete, and would also like to further research on gender studies. My motto is “Live out your true self”. Believe in diversity and beauty.


Alex. Multi-racial. Jewish. Mechanical Engineering student. Husband and father of 3 (5, 6, and 9). Music, adrenaline, and pun junkie. Sugar ant. Gym enthusiast (though I’ve been slackin’ lately). From Chicago but will shortly move to KC, MO. Car, bike, football, baseball, hockey, animal, guitar, tattoo and piercing lover. 🙂 Personal blog:


I am a pre-everything Trans-guy. I am an elite track and field athlete and just represented the US at the Pan American Games and got 5th and am ranked 3rd in the country currently. I am training for the hope of making the 2012 Olympic team.  I was one of the 1st out College transgender athletes coming out in 2006. I am still out and compete as female and as an out trans-guy.

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