So you want your photo on Hot Trans Guys?  Of course you do!!

The process is simple.

  • Send a photo of yourself, professional photos not necessary, just make sure it is of a decent quality. (you can wear a shirt or not, whatever.  No full nudity though)
  • A bio 50-100 words (please no bios over 100 words)
  • Your name, preferably the name you prefer to go by, only first name necessary though if you want your full name tell me that.
  • If you do have a personal site, (example: is mine) and you want a link to that then send it along too!
  • Your email address, this will never be public, it is just so I know how to respond to you, especially if you email me from an account that is not yours.

My goal is to put up all photos I get.  However, I can not promise in what order, or how much time I will have.  When your photo goes live, I will email you, so you can tell all your friends!

Email all submissions to: (make sure subject line says “Trans guys are hot”, so I can sort through email better)  The phot and bio must be of you! Not your friends or some nice hot trans guy you met.

Who qualifies as a “trans guy”?  If that term feels fairly right to you then rock on!  I know we all have different preferred language for how we identify, if the term is something you think you might fit under then send your info in if you wish.  Im am not here to judge if you are “trans enough”

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