My name is ékiss, I’m 30 years old, from France and I’m a transgender.
I believe to be in a lifetime transition as, each year, each moment are somehow an evolution of myself.
Today I’m gettin closer than ever from who I want to be with getting a top surgery and coming out as a “He” in my social life. I hope, for the younger generation, to get more information, support and friendship via this kind of project.



Hi, my name is Collin. I’m an 18 year old music major in the Pacific Northwest and have a wonderful girlfriend/queer significant other. I lift weights, bind with an underworks, and occasionally pack, but no more than that. I have been out for 2 months and hope to start taking T within the next year 🙂


Ph.D. student at Warsaw University Institute of Applied Social Sciences and an activist. Currently working for Trans-Fuzja Foundation in Poland and co-chairing at Transgender Europe. Academically focused on the question of transgender subjectivity, identity and experience.
Enjoys everything that is queerly fabulous. Should lay off the coffee from time to time.
website: http://vworld.pl


I’m a 31 year old transguy, pre-T and pre-op, still trying to figure out what’s going to be the best path for me. It’s a little overwhelming. I am very involved in the LGBTQ Community – currently I perform as a Male Illusionist named Anson Reign. I have a degree in theater, lived most of my life in my hometown of NYC, and love writing, reading, spending time with my beautiful fiancee, photography, singing, excellent wine, even better beer and amazing food. Hopefully going back to school for a history/anthropology degree.
My website is www.ansonreign.weebly.com.


Alex. Multi-racial. Jewish. Mechanical Engineering student. Husband and father of 3 (5, 6, and 9). Music, adrenaline, and pun junkie. Sugar ant. Gym enthusiast (though I’ve been slackin’ lately). From Chicago but will shortly move to KC, MO. Car, bike, football, baseball, hockey, animal, guitar, tattoo and piercing lover. 🙂 Personal blog: http://alexandyrthegr8.tumblr.com


My name is John and I am a nusre I have a tounge ring and a few tattoos.
I have been a nurse 14 years now and love what I do. I started My transition about 3 years ago.
I love fishing , cooking and having a good time with friends.
I also love leather and just having a great time.

CONGRATS to my buddy!

Just a shout out of congrats to my dear friend Jameson who had top surgery today!  May you you be happy, may you be at peace, and amy you be free from suffering.  I love ya bro.


Emery is a tattooed librarian/web developer working in higher ed.  A transplanted Michigander, he currently resides in Massachusetts with his partner, two dogs and two rabbits.  Emery enjoys sleeping, eating cheeseburgers and breaking stereotypes.  In his spare time, he makes cheese and plays the tenor drum in a pipe band.  Emery’s goal in life is to become a trophy husband.


Hello I am Tyrone, I am a 32 year old Trans man from Hamilton, New Zealand, I like reading, writing short stories and Star Trek.  I also have a rare syndrome called PHACES Syndrome, I am the oldest surviving that we know of, I am the father of a crazy furchild.  I love Cars and music and computers and one day, wish to own a Motor home.

You can learn more about me here at http://myphacesandftmjourney.blogspot.co.nz/


I have always been somewhat of a quiet, dark person. Enjoying picnics in graveyards and reading tales of the undead while sipping a hot cup of my earl grey tea. I write. I photograph. I have a guilty pleasure for fashion and dream to be a runway model one day. I have gone through hell & back to get to where I am now and never have I learned so much about the boy whom was hiding underneath my skin.

website: www.divelikehell.tumblr.com


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