Hello! I’m Jonathan. I’m a 22-year-old trans guy from California. I’ve been out for two and a half years. I’ve been on testosterone for 13 months and I am 4 months post top surgery. Besides transitioning, I am a music composition major and computer science minor. I fly gliders and small engine planes. I rock climb mostly every day and I used to wrestle. My blog is


gabe My name is Gabriel, Gabe for short. I’m 24, pre-op and T. I’ve known I was trans for awhile now it’s just taken sometime to come to terms with it. I’m an artist and a musician in my own right. I’m a huge nerd. Studying to be a paleontologist. I love classic literature, si-fi, and gaming.


hunI am Hun, 23, from Hong Kong and self identify as transgender. I am pre-op and do not have plans to have surgery in the next few years. A poet, filmmaker and athlete, and would also like to further research on gender studies. My motto is “Live out your true self”. Believe in diversity and beauty.

Back after a break

We are back!  After a brief break from adding hot trans* guys, we will have new hotties coming this week.

Reminder, this site is to promote self-esteem of trans* men or all body types, races, class backgrounds, and regardless of hormone or surgical status.  This is not a dating or sex site.  This is a space for and by trans* men.


DanaI’m Dana, a 25 year old trans guy. I haven’t had testosterone therapy or surgery and while I really want both, I’m still undecided so taking things slow. I’d describe my personality as talkative, over-the-top, and marvelous. I like doing community service, public speaking, and talking about current events and other things I’m passionate about, like feminism.
I mostly date men, but I think women are hot, too, so I guess that makes me bisexual or queer. I also like cross-dressing and performing in drag.



Jack is a 29 year old musician from the Uk.he is starting a new project soon mixing EDM music with Rock / Metal. He is a very talented vocalist and lead singer and guitarist in a metal band collaborating with some of the best musicians on the globe. For further I for or to contact him please check out.



Hi, my name’s justin, 17.  I came out as trans in october 2010. I need to thank my mum for not giving up on me as she gave all the support i needed. I live at college in wiltshire, studying animal and horse care. I havent started T yet, but should be starting blockers in febuary and T as soon as i’m 18. I hope to go on to have chest surgery as soon as possible. The way i have got through the transtition mainly is music, music’s my life, it’s helps to express every emotion. I would like to talk to more transguys to give and get support and share experiences, please add me on facebook …!/justinsinclair1310 , Thanks



25 year old norwegian transman. 1year on T, pre-op and planing to stay that way.
I blog in norwegian at
Rock on!


Hey, my name is Landon, I’m 23 years old working in retail and living with my fiance and two beautiful dogs in Deerfield Beach, FL. I love to go clubbing, watch movies with my girl, lift weights, listen to music and make my friends laugh. As far as my transition, I’ve been on T for 8 months, with plans for a name change and top surgery somewhere within the next 6 months-1 year. For now I bind with a short-length, black, 34″ binder and will be ordering a packer soon.


Aye, my name is Drew c: I realized I was trans around a year ago, all in all it changed me for the better. I love to write poetry, and if its possible I want to make a career out of that at some point. Right now I only bind, but I really want to start on hormones as soon as I can. Im a long shot away from where I want to be with my transition, but im young, so ill just have to be patient and wait for that part of my life to progress.

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