My name is John and I am a nusre I have a tounge ring and a few tattoos.
I have been a nurse 14 years now and love what I do. I started My transition about 3 years ago.
I love fishing , cooking and having a good time with friends.
I also love leather and just having a great time.

CONGRATS to my buddy!

Just a shout out of congrats to my dear friend Jameson who had top surgery today!  May you you be happy, may you be at peace, and amy you be free from suffering.  I love ya bro.


Emery is a tattooed librarian/web developer working in higher ed.  A transplanted Michigander, he currently resides in Massachusetts with his partner, two dogs and two rabbits.  Emery enjoys sleeping, eating cheeseburgers and breaking stereotypes.  In his spare time, he makes cheese and plays the tenor drum in a pipe band.  Emery’s goal in life is to become a trophy husband.


Hello I am Tyrone, I am a 32 year old Trans man from Hamilton, New Zealand, I like reading, writing short stories and Star Trek.  I also have a rare syndrome called PHACES Syndrome, I am the oldest surviving that we know of, I am the father of a crazy furchild.  I love Cars and music and computers and one day, wish to own a Motor home.

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I have always been somewhat of a quiet, dark person. Enjoying picnics in graveyards and reading tales of the undead while sipping a hot cup of my earl grey tea. I write. I photograph. I have a guilty pleasure for fashion and dream to be a runway model one day. I have gone through hell & back to get to where I am now and never have I learned so much about the boy whom was hiding underneath my skin.




Heyo! My name’s Maxwell and I’m a seventeen year old trans boy from Portland, Oregon. After buckets upon buckets of fretting and brooding, I finally came all the way out about two months ago and could not be more stoked! Being off-the-hook femme hasn’t been a major asset in getting folks to take my identity seriously, but the people in my life who do are too lovely for words. I’m currently involved in the startup of a queer youth center and trying to devote a lot of energy toward making art, which you can keep tabs on at if you’re so inclined! Love and solidarity.


Hi! My name is Kage Jonas. I’m 25 and happily transitioning in the Yo (that’s Youngstown, Ohio…represent!)

I’m just shy of 2 years on testosterone…5 years as the real me…and currently working hard at crafting to obtain all of the money needed for my chest reconstruction. I work as a professional pet stylist (dogs and cats) and it’s the best job ever! My biggest lesson learned is that life far too short to be afraid. You have to just take a deep breath and keep repeating “I can do this”. Step into the world with your head held high and you can’t go wrong.

my website:

Daniel Jonah

My name is Daniel Jonah. I go by Danny or Jonah. I am a full time student, trying to get a degree in elementary education. I am engaged to a beautiful, amazing woman that I am incredibly excited to spend the rest of my life with. We have a beautiful daughter in kindergarden. I’m pre everything, just have to save up the money for hormones. I love my life. So much has changed, and I know that its not going to be easy. But nothing easy is ever worth it.


My name is Jason Robert Ballard and I am a Transman from Rochester, NY. I’ve been on testosterone for 3 years and I’m post-top half for a little over 1. I got my surgery done with Kevin McGuire of Cooperstown, NY. I run a Trans* company called The Self Made Men with my girlfriend and two best friends. I’m in the arts field, though I’ve turned to the dark side as they say and started doing primarily graphic design. I’m into brand identity and public relations, that kind of thing. I’d say transitioning was the most magical thing I’ve done for myself. In a world where you can literally change anything about yourself, from your hair color and eye color to the size and shape of body parts… Transgender people have taken an element of society that is, for the general publics sake, binary… And gone passed that for their own happiness. I’ve been called elitist on many accounts, and I’m not really ashamed to say that I feel MORE than just a man now.


Richie. Officially Richard as of March 7th when I have my court hearing to get my name change. I’m 21, musician, born in California, currently residing in Arizona, and will be moving to Canada in two months once I graduate. I have a tumblr where I document my transition and my daily life, which is FUCKING AMAZING:

I’m always looking to make new friends and I’m always interested in hearing about other guys’ transition so follow me and I will follow you right back.

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