I thought I’d send you over a picture of myself. I’m 30 and started T 3 years ago. My fianc√© and I got into an argument about me being “hot” for a trans guy but “above average” for a CIS gendered male. I wanted to prove her wrong ūüôā
I rock climb, okay piano, occasionally cook, and train for triathlons when I’m doing computer nerd work.

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Hi, I’m Patrik, I’m an Aussie guy, I’m 35 and have been on T for about 2 years! I had chest surgery Over a year¬†ago and live as a man without any problems! My family are totally supportive and I live very happily as a man. Best decision EVER!

Back after a break

We are back!  After a brief break from adding hot trans* guys, we will have new hotties coming this week.

Reminder, this site is to promote self-esteem of trans* men or all body types, races, class backgrounds, and regardless of hormone or surgical status.  This is not a dating or sex site.  This is a space for and by trans* men.


Aye, my name is Drew c: I realized I was trans around a year ago, all in all it changed me for the better. I love to write poetry, and if its possible I want to make a career out of that at some point. Right now I only bind, but I really want to start on hormones as soon as I can. Im a long shot away from where I want to be with my transition, but im young, so ill just have to be patient and wait for that part of my life to progress.


My name is √©kiss, I’m 30 years old, from France and I’m a transgender.
I believe to be in a lifetime transition as, each year, each moment are somehow an evolution of myself.
Today I’m gettin closer than ever from who I want to be with getting a top surgery and coming out as a “He”¬†in my social life. I hope, for the younger generation, to get more information, support and friendship via this kind of project.


Hi, my name is Collin. I’m an 18 year old music major in the Pacific Northwest and have a wonderful girlfriend/queer significant other. I lift weights, bind with an underworks, and¬†occasionally¬†pack, but no more than that. I have been out for 2 months and hope to start taking T within the next year ūüôā


Ph.D. student at Warsaw University Institute of Applied Social Sciences and an activist. Currently working for Trans-Fuzja Foundation in Poland and co-chairing at Transgender Europe. Academically focused on the question of transgender subjectivity, identity and experience.
Enjoys everything that is queerly fabulous. Should lay off the coffee from time to time.


I’m a 31 year old transguy, pre-T and pre-op, still trying to figure out what’s going to be the best path for me. It’s a little overwhelming. I am very involved in the LGBTQ Community – currently I perform as a Male Illusionist named Anson Reign. I have a degree in theater, lived most of my life in my hometown of NYC, and love writing, reading, spending time with my beautiful fiancee, photography, singing, excellent wine, even better beer and amazing food. Hopefully going back to school for a history/anthropology degree.
My website is


Alex. Multi-racial. Jewish. Mechanical Engineering student. Husband and father of 3 (5, 6, and 9). Music, adrenaline, and pun junkie. Sugar ant. Gym enthusiast (though I’ve been slackin’ lately). From Chicago but will shortly move to KC, MO. Car, bike, football, baseball, hockey, animal, guitar, tattoo and piercing lover. ūüôā Personal blog:

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