DanaI’m Dana, a 25 year old trans guy. I haven’t had testosterone therapy or surgery and while I really want both, I’m still undecided so taking things slow. I’d describe my personality as talkative, over-the-top, and marvelous. I like doing community service, public speaking, and talking about current events and other things I’m passionate about, like feminism.
I mostly date men, but I think women are hot, too, so I guess that makes me bisexual or queer. I also like cross-dressing and performing in drag.



Jack is a 29 year old musician from the Uk.he is starting a new project soon mixing EDM music with Rock / Metal. He is a very talented vocalist and lead singer and guitarist in a metal band collaborating with some of the best musicians on the globe. For further I for or to contact him please check out.



Hi, my name’s justin, 17.  I came out as trans in october 2010. I need to thank my mum for not giving up on me as she gave all the support i needed. I live at college in wiltshire, studying animal and horse care. I havent started T yet, but should be starting blockers in febuary and T as soon as i’m 18. I hope to go on to have chest surgery as soon as possible. The way i have got through the transtition mainly is music, music’s my life, it’s helps to express every emotion. I would like to talk to more transguys to give and get support and share experiences, please add me on facebook … http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/justinsinclair1310 , Thanks



25 year old norwegian transman. 1year on T, pre-op and planing to stay that way.
I blog in norwegian at www.bestmedbart.no
Rock on!


Hey, my name is Landon, I’m 23 years old working in retail and living with my fiance and two beautiful dogs in Deerfield Beach, FL. I love to go clubbing, watch movies with my girl, lift weights, listen to music and make my friends laugh. As far as my transition, I’ve been on T for 8 months, with plans for a name change and top surgery somewhere within the next 6 months-1 year. For now I bind with a short-length, black, 34″ binder and will be ordering a packer soon.


My name is Traeshaun and I’m pre-op and have been on hormones for 17 months. I am a US Navy veteran and now I’m working toward my AS in Small Business Management at San Diego City College. I hope that with this degree I will be able to give back to our community in ways I cannot put into words. Through this transition I have learned a lot about myself and because of that my spare time consist of things to better myself as a man such as reading/writing, eliminating old habits and obtaining good ones.

michael joe

hello from michael joe, a 58 year old transman who began his transition 27 years ago and had my “lower surgery” about 15 years ago. it was an awesome feeling finally assuming the complete resemblance of a male. i belief that we can never be a “real man” no matter how many procedures we have. we can only be a reasonable faxcimile. but find myself proud to be what i am…a transgendered man and not a “real man”. i was born a transman and i will die the same. i feel fortunate having the experiences of this life.


My name is Cadence, I’m a 19 year old pre-everything Gay (or as I like it fagtasticly amazing) ftm (obviously, or I wouldn’t be here.) I’m a fully time college student from Iowa, who is transferring to Arizona. I like to read, write, paint, and enjoy most of my time with my boyfriend. I look very young, I know this. I see it as a complement when people think I am as young as 11. I am fully trained in youth suicide prevention, and hope to become a crisis councilor for young trans guys.


Queer Transman. Age 22.

I’ve been out and on T for over three years and am pre-op.  I consider myself a transbear.  I live with my boyfriend of 3 years who knew me even before I transitioned.

I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Psychology in May 2011.  I’m currently a board member of the local LGBT advocacy group.  I want to make trans* advocacy and education my life’s work.  I just started our own local trans* group called “Gender Warriors” and you can learn more about it at www.genderwarriors.com.

Rah’Sheid Sabrie Odd

Hi my name is Rah’Sheid Sabrie Odd. I am 27 years old and I reside in Philadelphia PA. I currently attend community college of Philadelphia and my major is criminal justice. I love doing visual art and barber on my free time. I started my transition about two year’s ago and I am extremely Happy with my results.

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