Hot Trans Guys is my response to Oddee’s “10 Handsome Men (Who Were Born Female)” published January 18, 2012.

Trans guys are all handsome!  We come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.  Some of us have surgery and/or take hormones, some of us do not.  Some of us are masculine in our gender expression, some of us identify as femme.  We have all sorts of sexual orientations, bisexual, fluid, gay, straight, and more.  Our families come in all sorts of forms, poly families, nuclear families, single, married, monogamous, open. We do all sorts of jobs.  Some of us pick up your trash, some of us dance, some of us are lawyers and some of us are in retail.  We are one diverse bunch!

This site is to remind us that we are amazing, just the way we are, and to tell/show the world.

Being socialized as female we were often told that our bodies didn’t fit the “norm” of being a women.  We were often told that we were too fat, too butch, or ugly.  Many of us come from backgrounds of abuse, just like the rest of the population raised female.  Our bodies have been a place of contention.  Now that we are out as trans guys we should not be subjected to a new set of standards.  Are the guys in GQ handsome? sure.  Are the guys in the Oddee list handsome? YOU BET!  However, we do not all have to fit that version of masculinity!

No matter where you are at in your process, you are handsome!


The response to this site has been great and photos are coming in (find out how to submit here)  Trans people of color, working class guys, and femme guys encouraged to submit!!

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