akiI’m a closeted pansexual transguy. The names Aki. I’m post op and pre T. Not sure if I’m going to take T considering how much I love singing and I’m not sure whether it’ll effect my vocal chords to the point where I wouldn’t be able to sing anymore. Anyway, I have extreme body dysphoria considering that I’d make a pretty girl. But short hair, small breasts and long legs make it easier. I also have a lot of boyish mannerisms that I’ve always had. Can’t come out to my mom. I’m scared that she won’t let me live the way I want to. So for now I bind with underworks and try to keep my body fat percentage as low and freaking possible so I won’t get any lady lumps. I’m extremely quiet and I’ve only dated one girl in my life, a handful of guys, and one transguy. I also love drawing, acting, photography, writing, dancing, um, gaming…? And I’m single at the moment. That sums up my life.

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