I’m a quiet, blue collared, hard working gay transman. I grew up in northeast Ct. Been working at the same company for twelve years as of this March. Transitioned there actually as I worked my way up in management. I’m a big supporter of the idea that there is no one set way for people to transition. This is YOUR journey, don’t let anyone tell you differently! Yet, I’m also hoping that guys are educating themselves to make INFORMED decisions along the way that will keep them healthy, happy and productive citizens of society. A bit of advice for guys from this salty dog, don’t freak out about that man that you will never be. This journey has never been from point A to point B. No matter how many hormones, how many surgeries (or not) you get, you will ALWAYS veer away from hitting point B directly. So, accept that and understand that your happiness is born from celebrating the man you ARE. Beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful and insightful men.

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