Mike is a 42 year old husband, parent, activist, blogger, speaker, & college student. Mike transitioned in 1998, and lived “stealth” until two years ago, and is now out and very active in raising awareness not only for the trans community, but he is also passionate about feminism and equality in general! He is a Junior at Winona State University in Minnesota, majoring in Sociology & Women & Gender Studies. He does panels & presentations anywhere open to learning more about what it is to be trans. His wife of 9 years, and their children also participate in family panels. Michael recently founded a chapter of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism on campus, and is working hard to educate other men about gender equality, as well as educating society about transgender issues. In his spare time, Mike enjoys reading, being outdoors, & riding his Harley. He is also working on a book, and hopes to complete it by this summer.

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