I love poetry (spoken word) I love to model travel and experience new things in life. Currently developing my own organization called Face Down Ink which  is a  Non- Profit organization dedicated to help young L.G.B.TQ young reach their goals. F.D.I specializes in Promoting; Charities, Fund Raisers, Party Events, and Spoken word Venues. Promoting Young Artist and assisting them in the industry world. We are individuals dedicated to bring our young community closer . I also currently work for an Non -Profit Organization called Black Trans Men Inc. B.T.M.I is a organization that focus on the distinct lifestyles of Trans men of color. Currently establish in most of U.S and Europe. B.T.M.I has launched their first Black Trans Men Calendarand can be found at as well as a open nation wide conference that will be conducted in Dallas Tx. on March 29.2012. Besides developing my business and social skills I  am an average gentlemen seek adventure and prosperity and most importantly developing peace abroad.

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