I’m Brandon, I’m 18 and from New York. I’ve been on T for about 8 months and i’m looking to get top surgery but not bottom at this point. I’d say i’m pretty outgoing, weird, talkative yet I’m sensitive and good with advice. At this point i’m trying to get back into writing music while I do a bit of volunteer work at the pound. I pretty much like anyone, especially if they feed me. So i’m gonna say i’m pansexual. You can find me on my tumblr account here.



Hi my name is Ethan i currently living in Washington State.  I am an FTM Trans man. i have been on Testosterone since 2008 and came out to my family officially on June 2008. i am getting top surgery in a month at Dr Mangubat in Tukwilla, Washington. im so excited to get one step closer to having the body i always wanted.



My name is Chris, I’m 28 and I live in Bristol in the UK. I have been taking testosterone for nearly 10 years, and I had my chest op earlier this year. The surgeon did an awesome job and I’ve been healing really well and feel great. At the moment I’m mostly focused on my art, I make needle felted sculptures inspired by folklore and mythology, I’ve been in a few exhibitions around Bristol and I’ve got my first solo show later this year. It’s all very exciting, life is good! You can see my work at


My name is Randi aka Rj, out of Pennsylvania. I am a 28yrs old  Pansexual Transguy working on a Transgender Graphic Art Online Gallery (
in hopes of getting a boost in transitioning surgeries and a career. I am transitioning all naturally so far but looking into starting T so I can get top surgery. I have also looked into getting Phalloplasty later on down the road.



Hello! I’m Jonathan. I’m a 22-year-old trans guy from California. I’ve been out for two and a half years. I’ve been on testosterone for 13 months and I am 4 months post top surgery. Besides transitioning, I am a music composition major and computer science minor. I fly gliders and small engine planes. I rock climb mostly every day and I used to wrestle. My blog is


gabe My name is Gabriel, Gabe for short. I’m 24, pre-op and T. I’ve known I was trans for awhile now it’s just taken sometime to come to terms with it. I’m an artist and a musician in my own right. I’m a huge nerd. Studying to be a paleontologist. I love classic literature, si-fi, and gaming.


hunI am Hun, 23, from Hong Kong and self identify as transgender. I am pre-op and do not have plans to have surgery in the next few years. A poet, filmmaker and athlete, and would also like to further research on gender studies. My motto is “Live out your true self”. Believe in diversity and beauty.

Back after a break

We are back!  After a brief break from adding hot trans* guys, we will have new hotties coming this week.

Reminder, this site is to promote self-esteem of trans* men or all body types, races, class backgrounds, and regardless of hormone or surgical status.  This is not a dating or sex site.  This is a space for and by trans* men.


DanaI’m Dana, a 25 year old trans guy. I haven’t had testosterone therapy or surgery and while I really want both, I’m still undecided so taking things slow. I’d describe my personality as talkative, over-the-top, and marvelous. I like doing community service, public speaking, and talking about current events and other things I’m passionate about, like feminism.
I mostly date men, but I think women are hot, too, so I guess that makes me bisexual or queer. I also like cross-dressing and performing in drag.



James is a multi-disciplined artist (check out his work here: He began his transition in 1994, started on testosterone in 1996, had keyhole/peri-areolar surgery in 1999, and underwent a metoidioplasty in 2001.

He was born in 1969, in Manchester, England, but has lived in Canada since 1982.

James Birkbeck

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